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On this page you will find all additional information about the exhibition "aLive".

The theme is Belgian nature and everything you see is either photographed in Belgium or can be seen in Belgium. To get the information please click on the picture.


A habitat is the combination of different living beings and the landscape. Different soils have different vegetation, which in turn attracts different animals. 


In this category are the smallest performers, often overlooked, yet beautiful.

red kite

The red kite is represented in East Belgium with around 150 breeding pairs and thus has a very high population density. Its population has also been increasing in the rest of Belgium since it first breeded here in the 1970s. 

Since 2015 I have been mapping the nesting sites in the south of the German-speaking community with Sonja Lampertz and climbing the trees when ringing the young birds. I also document the contents of the nest, the composition of the nest, prey, etc. We keep the disturbance to the animals to the lowest possible level. These images are for scientific purposes and are not intended for imitation. 


Plants are easier photo models because they rarely run away, put in the right light all the more beautiful.


The most popular and well-known animals probably belong in this category